Log::Report::Lexicon(3) translations



This module is the main extry point for the distribution, but has currently no further use. This distribution contains all components of Log::Report which handle translations.

If you do not need translations, you do not need to install this module. When you use Log::Report and need to add translations, it may be very little work: when you nicely wrote texts in the advised message format like

   print __x"Greetings to you, {name}", name => $name;
   fault __x"cannot open file {filename}", filename => $fn;

then all is in perfect condition to introduce translations: it requires very little to no additions to the existing code!

In this distribution:

  • Log::Report::Extract

    Logic used by the xgettext-perl binary (also included here) to extract msgid's from perl scripts and (website) templates.

  • Log::Report::Lexicon::Table

    Translation table administration, in PO or MO format.

  • Log::Report::Lexicon::Index

    Translation table file file administration, understanding locales, domains, and attributes in the filenames.

  • Log::Report::Translator

    The run-time component of translations.






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