Log::Report::Translator(3) base implementation for translating messages


 Log::Report::Translator is extended by


# internal infrastructure
my $msg = Log::Report::Message->new(_msgid => "Hello World\n");
print Log::Report::Translator->new(...)->translate($msg);
# normal use
textdomain 'my-domain'
, translator => Log::Report::Translator->new; # default
print __"Hello World\n";


A module (or distribution) has a certain way of translating messages, usually "gettext". The translator is based on some "textdomain" for the message, which can be specified as option per text element, but usually is package scoped.

This base class does not translate at all: it will use the MSGID (and MSGID_PLURAL if available). It's a nice fallback if the language packs are not installed.



 -Option  --Default
  charset   <from locale>
  lexicons  <see text>
charset => STRING
When the locale contains a codeset in its name, then that will be used. Otherwise, the default is "utf-8".
The DIRECTORY where the translations can be found. See Log::Report::Lexicon::Index for the expected structure of such DIRECTORY.

The default is based on the location of the module which instantiates this translator. The filename of the module is stripped from its ".pm" extension, and used as directory name. Within that directory, there must be a directory named "messages", which will be the root directory of a Log::Report::Lexicon::Index.

example: default lexicon directory

 # file xxx/perl5.8.8/My/Module.pm
 use Log::Report 'my-domain'
   , translator => Log::Report::Translator::POT->new;
 # lexicon now in xxx/perl5.8.8/My/Module/messages/


Returns the default charset, which can be overrule by the locale.
Returns a list of Log::Report::Lexicon::Index objects, where the translation files may be located.


$obj->load($domain, $locale)
Load the translation information in the text $domain for the indicated $locale. Multiple calls to load() should not cost significant performance: the data must be cached.
$obj->translate( $message, [$language, $ctxt] )
Returns the translation of the $message, a "Log::Report::Message" object, based on the current locale.

Translators are permitted to peek into the internal HASH of the message object, for performance reasons.


Copyrights 2007-2016 by [Mark Overmeer]. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See http://www.perl.com/perl/misc/Artistic.html