longrun(4) Transmeta(TM) Crusoe(TM) LongRun(TM) support


LongRun support is a collection of power saving modes for the Transmeta Crusoe chips, similar in scope to Intel's SpeedStep. The following sysctl(8) MIBs control the different CPU modes:

Name  Type    Changeable      Description
hw.crusoe.longrun Ta Vt integer Ta yes Ta LongRun mode:
Ta Ta Ta 0: minimum frequency mode
Ta Ta Ta 1: power-saving mode
Ta Ta Ta 2: performance mode
Ta Ta Ta 3: maximum frequency mode
hw.crusoe.frequency Ta Vt integer Ta no Ta Current frequency (MHz).
hw.crusoe.voltage Ta Vt integer Ta no Ta Current voltage (mV).
hw.crusoe.percentage Ta Vt integer Ta no Ta Processing performance (%).


Print the current status:

"% sysctl hw.crusoe"

To set LongRun mode to performance oriented variable frequency mode (less power savings):

"# sysctl hw.crusoe.longrun=2"


The Transmeta(TM) Crusoe(TM) LongRun(TM) support first appeared in Fx 4.4 .


An -nosplit LongRun support and this manual page were written by An Tamotsu HATTORI Aq athlet[email protected] and An Mitsuru IWASAKI Aq [email protected] .