lp-milestones(1) work with milestones in Launchpad


lp-milestones <command>


lp-milestones allows you to create, delete, and rename milestones, as well as create a release from a milestone.


Listed below are the possible commands that can be passed to lp-milestones:
help commands
List all supported commands
create <projectname>/<seriesname>/<milestonename>
Create a milestone.
delete <projectname>/<milestonename>
Delete a milestone. Note that this cannot delete a milestone with releases on it (yet).
release <projectname>/<milestonename>
Create a release from a milestone.
rename <projectname>/<milestonename> <newname>
Rename a milestone.


lp-milestones was written by Robert Collins <[email protected]>, and this manual page was written by Nathan Handler <[email protected]>.