lqr_carver_flatten(3) flatten a LqrCarver object


#include <lqr.h>

LqrRetVal lqr_carver_flatten(LqrCarver* carver);


The function lqr_carver_flatten can be used to discard the visibility map information and flatten the multi-size image contained in the LqrCarver object pointed to by carver to its current state.

It will also reset the internally stored original width and height, as if the image was just loaded in the LqrCarver object.

This function must only be invoked over initialised LqrCarver objects.

This function is called internally each time the rescaling direction changes, or at each new step in a multiple-step enlargement, but, when calling it manually, the discarded visibility map will not be dumped automatically by it; use the functions lqr_vmap_dump(3) or lqr_vmap_internal_dump(3) in order to save it before invoking this function.


The return value follows the Liquid Rescale library signalling system. Errors can occur for non-initialised LqrCarver objects or in case of insufficient memory.


Copyright © 2007-2009 Carlo Baldassi