lr_getbody(1) Extract file, sender and subject information from an email


eval `lr_getbody [-c content-type] <messagefile>`


lr_getbody reads an email message on stdin (or specified as argument), will extract the submitter address and the subject from that email. It will also extract the biggest attachment or the first one having a content-type matching the content-type argument.

This information is passed to the caller by printing that information in a format suitable for eval. The following variable will be printed on STDOUT:

Email address of the submitter. That is the first email that is found in the headers (searched in the following order): Reply-To, From, Sender. This will only contains the address portion (without the <>).
The email address to which the email was sent.
Subject of the message. That string is sanitized.
The date of the message. That string is sanitized.
Path to the temporary file holding the found attachment.
This will be set if the operation was completed successfully. It is possible for lr_getbody to fail to extract the attachment, but the header information might still be available.

This script is used by lr_processmail(1) and lr_rawmail2mail(1).


$Id:,v 1.10 2006/07/23 13:16:33 vanbaal Exp $


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