lr_rawmail2mail(1) deanonymizes and formats a report from an email message


lr_rawmail2mail [options] dumpstem addresses...

lr_rawmail2mail -h

lr_rawmail2mail -v


Prints usage information and exits.
Generate charts for all reports that support it. Normally, charts will be generated only if the variable LR_INCLUDEIMAGES is set to 1.
-o output format
One of pdf, html, html_page, xhtml, xhtml_page, txt, docbookx, rtf and xml. Per default, simple txt output is generated.
Prints Lire's version and exits.


lr_rawmail2mail can be used to automatically process reply from an Online Responder which contains a XML report. It will extract the report (which should have a content type of text/xml) and deanonymized it. It will then use the lr_xml2mail(1) command to formats and send the report to the recipients specified on the command line.

The dumpstem argument is used by lr_deanonymize(1) to find the database that was used in the anonymization process.

Environment variable TMPDIR, as set in sysconfdir/defaults, is used to store tmpfiles; if LR_KEEP is set to a nonempty string, temporary files are kept.


$Id:,v 1.25 2006/07/23 13:16:33 vanbaal Exp $


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