lr_spool(1) feed files in a spooldir to a command


lr_spool spooldir command


For each file f in directory spooldir, lr_spool generates a unique LR_ID, exports it as a shell variable, and runs

 command < f

. Before executing command, f is moved to $TMPDIR. If command exits successfully, f is removed (command is assumed to save stdin to a file, if it feels this is appropriate), else f is moved to LR_FAILEDDIR.

In case any of spooldir, TMPDIR or LR_FAILEDDIR doesn't exist, it's created on the fly.

This script is invoked by lr_spoold(1), which uses lr_processmail(1) as the command.


The directory spooldir is created using plain mkdir -p. If spooldir is supposed to be part of a Maildir structure, only .../new/ is created. This does not satisfy for a valid Maildir. One has to verify manually wether spooldir is part of a valid Maildir, and create it manually, on such a system.


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Joost van Baal <[email protected]>


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