lsdev(8) display information about installed hardware




lsdev gathers information about your computer's installed hardware from the interrupts, ioports and dma files in the /proc directory, thus giving you a quick overview of which hardware uses what I/O addresses and what IRQ and DMA channels.




IRQ channels.

I/O memory addresses.

DMA channels.


lsdev can't always figure out which lines in the three examined files refer to one and the same device, because these files sometimes use different names for the same piece of hardware. For example, in some kernels the keyboard is referred to as `kbd' in /proc/ioports and as `keyboard' in /proc/interrupts. This should be fixed in the kernel, not in lsdev (as has indeed happened for this particular example).

The program does however try to match lines by stripping anything after a space or open parenthesis from the name, so that e.g. the `serial' lines from /proc/interrupts match the `serial(set)' lines from /proc/ioports. This attempt at DWIM might be considered a bug in itself.

This program only shows the kernel's idea of what hardware is present, not what's actually physically available.


Sander van Malssen <[email protected]>