ltpclo(1) LTP-based BP convergence layer adapter output task


ltpclo [-]remote_node_nbr


ltpclo is a background ``daemon'' task that extracts bundles from the queues of segments ready for transmission via LTP to the remote bundle protocol agent identified by remote_node_nbr and passes them to the local LTP engine for aggregation, segmentation, and transmission to the remote node. If remote_node_nbr is preceded by a '-' character, then all LTP transmission performed by ltpclo will be ``green'' (unreliable) transmission, without acknowledgment and retransmission.

Note that ltpclo is not a ``promiscuous'' convergence layer daemon: it can transmit bundles only to the node for which it is configured, so scheme configuration directives that cite this outduct need only provide the protocol name and the outduct name (the remote node number) as specified on the command line when ltpclo is started.

ltpclo is spawned automatically by bpadmin in response to the 's' (START) command that starts operation of the Bundle Protocol, and it is terminated by bpadmin in response to an 'x' (STOP) command. ltpclo can also be spawned and terminated in response to START and STOP commands that pertain specifically to the LTP convergence layer protocol.


ltpclo terminated normally, for reasons noted in the ion.log file. If this termination was not commanded, investigate and solve the problem identified in the log file and use bpadmin to restart the BRSC protocol.
ltpclo terminated abnormally, for reasons noted in the ion.log file. Investigate and solve the problem identified in the log file, then use bpadmin to restart the BRSC protocol.


No configuration files are needed.


No environment variables apply.


The following diagnostics may be issued to the ion.log log file:
ltpclo can't attach to BP.
bpadmin has not yet initialized Bundle Protocol operations.
No such ltp duct.
No LTP outduct with duct name matching remote_node_nbr has been added to the BP database. Use bpadmin to stop the LTP convergence-layer protocol, add the outduct, and then restart the LTP protocol.
CLO task is already started for this duct.
Redundant initiation of ltpclo.
ltpclo can't initialize LTP.
ltpadmin has not yet initialized LTP operations.


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