lua5.1-policy-create-svnbuildpackage-layout(1) program to


lua5.1-policy-create-svnbuildpackage-layout PKG


lua5.1-policy-create-svnbuildpackage-layout is a program that creates a standard layout for svn-buildpackage. It must be called inside an svn repository, usually in the packages/ directory. It will create the following files:


It also sets the svn property svn:ignore to '*' on $PKG/build-area and mergeWithUpstream to 1 on $PKG/trunk/debian.


lua5.1-policy-create-svnbuildpackage-layout was written by Enrico Tassi.

This manual page was written by Enrico Tassi <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).