lwipv6(1) User Mode IPv4/v6 stack


um_add_service lwipv6.so[,options]

umview ... --preload lwipv6.so[,options]


lwipv6 is the gateway to the lwipv6 library a user-mode implementation a TCP-IP v4/v6 hybrid stack. This module uses the liblwipv6.so which implements a user-level TCP-IP stack. The core of this stack is IPv6.
  When lwipv6 gets invoked without extra parameters it creates one virtual interface named vd0 and connected to the default vde switch.
It is possible with appropriate options to define several interfaces connected to VDE switches and tun or tap kernel interfaces. The options are a comma separated list of items of the follwing types:

Create a virtual interfaces (vd0, vd1, etc) connected to VDE switch with id vde_id. Interfaces are numbered starting from 0 and allocated sequentially. If vd4 is defined, lwipv6 allocate also vd0, vd1, vd2 and vd3. vde_id is the vde switch id.
(e.g. um_add_service lwipv6.so,vd1=/var/run/vd1.ctl )
Create a virtual interface (tp0, tp1, tn0, tn1, etc) connected to the TUNTAP kernel service. With tap interfaces (tp0, tp1 etc) packets are delivered as ethernet frames, while tn0, tn1 etc are tun interfaces that exchange IP packets. The use of tuntap interfaces need the read and write access to /dev/net/tun. Allowing users to access this device reduces the safety of your system. From the user point of view there are no evident changes between tun and tap when used with lwipv6. There are differences in performance and services.
(e.g. um_add_service lwipv6.so,tn1,tp2)

Enable the Router Advertising service and load the service's configuration from lwip-radv.conf
file. This service is disabled by default.
(e.g. um_add_service lwipv6.so,ra=./myradvconfig.txt)




um_add_service lwipv6.so

Load the lwipv6 module and add a single VDE interface (with name vd0) connected to the default vde switch id.

um_add_service lwipv6.so,tp1,ra=./my_lwip_radv.conf

Load the lwipv6 module, add a single TUNTAP interface (with name tp0) and enable the Router Advertising service by loading the configuration file my_lwip_radv.conf from the current working directory.


This module is deprecated and will be eliminated soon. Please use umnet(1viewos), and umnetlwipv6 instead.


View-OS is a project of the Computer Science Department, University of Bologna.
Project Leader: Renzo Davoli.
Project Team: Alberto Bacchelli, Andrea Forni, Andrea Gasparini, Andrea Seraghiti, Christian Martellini, Daniele Lacamera, Diego Billi, Ludovico Gardenghi, Mattia Belletti, Paolo Angelelli, Paolo Beverini



2005, 2006 - Originally written by Renzo Davoli.

July 2006 - Edited by Diego Billi.