maildir-filter(1) program to filter mail in Maildir folders.


maildir-filter -r <regexp> [-d ./Maildir/.folder | -b] [-D] [-p] [-i] [-V] [-n] [-H]


maildir-filter is used to filter messages in Maildir folders. It reads the message from stdin and used qmail's exit conde conventions, so it can work from your .qmail file. It can be used to bounce, deliver or just send messages do /dev/null.


The programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax. A summary of options are included below.
-r <regexp>
Use this regexp to match the message. It follows perl syntax.
turn on a few debug messages
bounce if matches
print messa to stdout
case insensitive match
print version and exit
negate regexp (!~ m// in perl talk)
only try to match the headers
kill the message


This manual page was written by Marcelo Bezerra <[email protected]>.