mailgraph(8) daemon which produces graphs of SMTP traffic


mailgraph [ options ]


mailgraph is a daemon which produces mail statistics RRDtool for Postfix and Sendmail. This stats are stored for generating daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs of sent/received/rejected and bounced/viruses/spam mails.


-h, --help
Display help and exit.
-v, --verbose
Be verbose about what you do.
-V, --version
Output version information and exit.
-c, --cat
Cause the logfile to be only read and not monitored.
-l, --logfile file

 Monitor logfile file instead of /var/log/syslog.
-t, --logtype type
Set logfile's type (default: syslog).
-y, --year
Start year of the log file (default: current year).
Use only entries for HOST (regexp) in syslog.
-d, --daemon
Start in the background
Write PID to FILE instead of /var/run/
Write RRDs to DIR instead of /var/lib/mailgraph/.
Write verbose-log to FILE instead of /var/log/mailgraph.log.
Ignore mail to/from localhost (used for virus scanner).
Ignore mail to/from HOST (used for virus scanner).
Do not update the mail rrd.
Do not update the virus rrd.
Do not update the greylist rrd.
Use NAME.rrd, NAME_virus.rrd and NAME_greylist.rrd for the rrd files.
Count rbl rejects as spam.
Count virbl rejects as viruses.


David Schweikert <[email protected]>