Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::MetaInfo(3) A cache for folder metadata


This module implements a cache for meta-information for mbox folders. The information includes such items such as the file position, the line number, and the byte offset of the start of each email.


  SETUP_CACHE( { 'file_name' => <cache file name> } );
  <cache file name> - the file name of the cache

Call this function once to set up the cache before creating any parsers. You must provide the location to the cache file. There is no default value.

Returns an error string or 1 if there is no error.

Use this function to clear the cache and delete the cache file. Normally you should not need to clear the cache---the module will automatically update the cache when the mailbox changes. Call this function after SETUP_CACHE.
Use this function to force the module to write the in-memory cache information to the cache file. Normally you do not need to do this---the module will automatically write the information when the program exits.
$ref = new( { 'file_name' => <mailbox file name>, 'file_handle' => <mailbox file handle>, });
    <file_name> - The full filename of the mailbox
    <file_handle> - An opened file handle for the mailbox

The constructor for the class takes two parameters. file_name is the filename of the mailbox. This will be used as the cache key, so it's important that it fully defines the path to the mailbox. The file_handle argument is the opened file handle to the mailbox. Both arguments are required.

Returns a reference to a Mail::Mbox::MessageParser object, or a string describing the error.


No known bugs.

Contact [email protected] for bug reports and suggestions.


David Coppit <[email protected]>.


This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2. See the file LICENSE in the distribution for details.


This code was originally part of the grepmail distribution. See for previous versions of grepmail which included early versions of this code.