MAKE_VERSION(3) Create a 32 bit integer from the Allegro version


#include <allegro.h>

Macro MAKE_VERSION(a, b, c)


This macro can be used to check if some Allegro version is (binary) compatible with the current version. It is safe to use > and < to check if one version is more recent than another. The third number is ignored if the second number is even, so MAKE_VERSION(4, 2, 0) is equivalent to MAKE_VERSION(4, 2, 1). This is because of our version numbering policy since 4.0.0: the second number is even for stable releases, which must be ABI-compatible with earlier versions of the same series. This macro is mainly useful for addon packages and libraries. See the `ABI compatibility information' section of the manual for more detailed information. Example:

   /* Check if the current version is compatible with Allegro 4.2.0 */
      /* Allegro 4.2.0 compatibility */
      /* Work-around */