makehrtf(1) HRTF Processing and Composition Utility


makehrtf <command> [<option>...]


HRTF Processing and Composition Utility


-m, --make-mhr
Makes an OpenAL Soft compatible HRTF data set. Defaults output to: ./oalsoft_hrtf_%r.mhr
-t, --make-tab
Makes the built-in table used when compiling OpenAL Soft. Defaults output to: ./
-h, --help
Displays this help information.


Change the data set sample rate to the specified value and resample the HRIRs accordingly.
Override the FFT window size (defaults to the first powerof-two that fits four times the number of HRIR points).
Toggle diffuse-field equalization (default: on).
Toggle surface-weighted diffuse-field average (default: on).
Specify a limit to the magnitude range of the diffuse-field average (default: 24.00).
Specify the size of the truncation window that's applied after minimum-phase reconstruction (default: 32).
Specify an HRIR definition file to use (defaults to stdin).
Specify an output file. Overrides command-selected default. Use of '%r' will be substituted with the data set sample rate.