makemat(1) convert binary profiles into portable ASCII form


makemat [-] [-E N] [-G N] [-H] [-P filename] [-S X] [-U str] [-d str] [-z N]


makemat converts a collection of binary profiles, created by the -C option of PSI-BLAST, into portable ASCII form.


A summary of options is included below.
Print usage message
-E N
Cost to extend a gap (default = 1)
-G N
Cost to open a gap (default = 11)
Print help; overrides all other arguments
-P filename
Database name for profile database (default = stdin)
-S X
Scaling factor for matrix outputs to avoid round-off problems (default = 100)
-U str
Underlying Matrix (default = BLOSUM62)
-d str
Underlying sequence database used to make profiles (default = nr)
-z N
Effective length of the profile database (0 for length of -d option)


The National Center for Biotechnology Information.