mapsembler2_kissreads_graph(1) manual page for mapsembler2_kissreads_graph 2.2.3+dfsg


NAME ./kissreads_graph/mapsembler2_kissreads_graph, version 1.0.0 Beta - Copyright INRIA - CeCILL License
-h prints this message and exit

USAGE ./kissreads_graph/mapsembler2_kissreads_graph input_graph <readsC1.fasta/fastq[.gz]> [<readsC2.fasta/fastq[.gz]> [<readsC3.fasta/fastq[.gz] ...] -M -t type [-k value] [-c min_coverage] [-d max_substitutions] [-o name] [-h]

DESCRIPTION ./kissreads_graph/mapsembler2_kissreads_graph maps the provided reads on the graph With option "-t coverage": outputs an equivalent graph removing uncovered edges and adding:

for each node: the coverage per sample and per position for each edge: the number of mapped reads per sample using this edge

With option -t modify: outputs the same simplified graph:

removing low covered edges and nodes (less that min_coverage) then phasing simple non branching paths

If -M option is specified, the input is considered as a Mapsembler output - thus composed of multiple independant graphes


-t <type>
"c" "coverage" "m" "modify"

OPTIONS -M: the input is considered as a Mapsembler output
-o file_name: write obtained graph. Default: standard output
-k size_seed: will use seeds of length size_seed. Default: 25.
-c min_coverage: Will consider an edge as coherent if coverage (number of reads from all sets using this edge) is at least min_coverage. Default: 2
-d max_substitutions: Will map a read on the graph with at most max_substitutions substitutions. Default: 1