maria-cso(1) shared library generator for maria


maria-cso directory file.c...
maria-cso directory file.c


This manual page documents briefly the maria-cso command.

maria-cso is a shell script invoked by maria in order to compile generated C code into dynamically loadable shared object files. The script invokes the C compiler and the linker, and it calculates checksums in order to avoid compiling unmodified modules.
The directory argument specifies the location of the source files. When the script is invoked with one file.c argument, it translates the file to the shared object
When maria-cso is invoked with multiple file.c arguments, it computes a checksum of a file named multiset.h and of each argument. When the header file multiset.h has been changed since the previous invocation of maria-cso, everything will be recompiled. Otherwise only those file.c modules that have been modified will be recompiled. The checksum files are multiset.sum and c.sum.


Name of the C compiler
Command-line switches to be passed to the C compiler
Preprocessor macro definitions to be passed to the C compiler


Header files for the run-time library


This manual page was written by Marko Mäkelä <[email protected]>. The maria-cso script and the compilation option were designed and implemented by Marko Mäkelä. Please see the copyright file in /usr/share/doc/maria for details.