Plaiter(1) Command-line front-end to command-line music players.


Usage is:

"plaiter [options] [file, playlist, directory or stream ...]"


--daemon,-d -- daemon mode
--queue,-q -- add tracks to queue
--enqueue -- add tracks to queue
--random -- random shuffle
--play -- play
--pause -- toggle pause mode
--stop,-s -- stop
--latch [on|off] -- toggle or set stop after current track
--next,-n [n] -- skip forward [n tracks]
--prev [n] -- skip backward [n tracks]
--search <str> -- search in playlist
--rsearch <str> -- reverse search in playlist
--reset,-r -- play track 1
--loop [on|off] -- toggle or set loop mode
--quit -- quit daemon
--status -- show status
--list,-l -- show playlist
--help -- show help
--version -- show version
-v -- be verbose


Written by Stephen Jungels ([email protected])


Copyright © 2005, 2006 by Stephen Jungels. Released under the GPL. Latest version and more info at