mbtserver(1) Tilburg Memory Based Tagger Server


mbtserver [server options]


mbtserver -s settingsfile -S portnumber (deprecated)


mbtserver extends mbt with a server layer. It provided the possibility to access a trained tagger from multiple sessions. It also allows one to run and access different taggers in parallel.


-h or --help

show help


read the settings for one or more taggers from the specified configuration file.

A configuration file must contain a port specification:


It may provide a limit to the number of parallel connections:


And it must give one or more mbt tagger descriptions:

<base>=<mbt options line>

The <base> is a basename for the Tagger that will be started with the options specified. The basename is needed because it is possible to start several (different) taggers. When accessing the server, we need a way to tell which Tagger we want to use. In general, the mbt options line will just be something like: "-s <settingsfile>", where settingsfile is a file generated by mbtg

example config file:

test1 = -s tests/eindh.set
another = -s tests/wotan.set


store the pid of the main server process in file


log server actions to file


run the server as a daemon. Default is yes.

-V or --version

show version

deprecated options are

-s settingsfile

read settings (probably generated with mbtg ) from the settingsfile

-S <port>

run the server on 'port'.

For mbt options see mbt(1)

Accessing the server

To Do




Ko van der Sloot [email protected]

Antal van den Bosch [email protected]