mc-chroot(1) chroot into a live image in order to do some changes


mic-chroot [options] <image|image fs>

<image> is a live image file name, <image fs> is a directory path which
 contains the whole file system unpacked from a live image.


mic-chroot can chroot into a live image to do some changes, you can use it to unpack a live image then do some changes, once changes are done, you can regenerate a live image including those changes you did.

mic-image-manager has a GUI tool for mic-chroot, you can use it if you prefer to use GUI instead of command line.


--version show version number

-h, --help show this help message

-s SAVETO, --save-to=SAVETO Save unpacked filesystem to the specified path

--unpack-only Just unpack an image, this is used tounpack an image with -s option together

-b BINDMOUNTS, --bind-mounts=BINDMOUNTS Specify bind mount list, for example: -b ``/proc:/proc;/:/parentroot''

-c CONVERTTO, --convert-to=CONVERTTO Convert it to the specified type live image on exiting, the allowed value is livecd or liveusb

--convert-only Just convert an image, this will skip chroot and directly convert an image/filesytem with -c option together

-o OUTDIR, --outdir=OUTDIR Output directory to use (default: current work dir)


Unpack an image to a directory and chroot into it:

mic-chroot -s /my/fs/root


mic-image-convertor returns a zero exist status if it succeeds, otherwise return non-zero and print error message.


Yi Yang, Anas Nashif, Jianfeng Ding