mic-image-writer(1) Write a live image to a USB stick


mic-image-writer [options] [image file]


mic-image-writer is a simple yet very helpful tool, it can help you write a live image to a USB stick, it is safer than dd and has a good progress indicator, it has two work modes, console and GUI, you can explicitly use -c | --console and -g | --gui to force it to enter console or gui mode, by default, it will smartly decide this automatically.

It just writes an image to the whole USB stick, so the original data on your USB stick will be overwritten, mic-image-manager has a more powerful GUI tool for this case, it can write a live image to a specified partition, the old data on that partition will keep intact.


-h, --help show this help message

-c, --console Run in console mode

-g, --gui Run in GUI mode


Write a Molib live image to your USB disk:

mic-image-writer your-2.1-final.img


mic-image-convertor returns a zero exist status if it succeeds, otherwise return non-zero and print error message.


Yi Yang, Anas Nashif, Jianfeng Ding