mcverter(1) non-interactive MRI conversion software


mcverter [,-h/] ,-o <str> -f <str> /[,-v/] [,-q/] [,-V/] [,-j/] [,-x/] [,-d/] [,-a/] [,-n/] [,-b/] [,-r/] [,-u/] [,-s <str>/] [,-m <str>/] [,-F <str>/] ,Input directory or file(s)/...


-h, --help
Show this help message
-o, --output=<str>
Output directory for converted files
-f, --format=<str>
Output format: fsl, spm, meta, nifti, analyze, or bv.
-v, --verbose
Verbose mode
-q, --quiet
Quiet mode
-V, --version
Version information
-j, --split_subj
Save each subject to a separate directory
-x, --split_dir
Save each series to a separate directory
-d, --fourd
Save output volumes as 4D files
-a, --ho
Save header only (metaimage only)
-n, --nii
Save files as .nii (nifti/fsl only)
-b, --v16
Save .v16 files (BrainVoyager only)
-r, --rescale
Apply rescale slope and intercept to data
-u, --patientid
Use patient id instead of patient name for output file
-s, --skip=<str>
Skip first 'arg' volumes
-m, --match=<str>
Only convert files whose series descriptions include this string
-F, --fnformat=<str>
Use this format for name of output file:

format = {format element} ; some text = {filesystem-legal characters} ; format element = {some text} , {"%" "PN" | "PI" | "SD" | "ST" | "SI" | "TD" | "SN" | "SQ" | "PR" | "RD"} , {some text} ; or format = {"+" | "-" , "PatientName" | "PatientId" | "SeriesDate" | "SeriesTime" | "StudyId" | "StudyDescription" | "SeriesNumber" | "SequenceName" | "ProtocolName" | "SeriesDescription"