md_doc_help_kdb-set(3) Set the value of a key


This command allows the user to set the value of an individual key.


To set a key to an empty value, '' should be passed for the value argument.


  • -H, --help: Show the man page.
  • -V, --version: Print version info.
  • -v, --verbose: Explain what is happening.
  • -N, --namespace ns: Specify the namespace to use when writing cascading keys Default: value of /sw/kdb/current/namespace or user.


  • /sw/kdb/current/namespace: Specifies which default namespace should be used when setting a cascading name. Note, that as root you can set user/sw/kdb/current/namespace to system to get the expected default. (by default the namespace is user)


To set a Key to the value Hello World!: kdb set user/example/key 'Hello World!'

To create a new key with a null value: kdb set user/example/key

To set a key to an empty value: kdb set user/example/key ''