md_src_plugins_rename_README(3) README



The cut operation can be used to strip parts of a keys name. The cut operation is able to cut anything starting after the path of the parent key. A renamed key may even replace the parent key. For example consider a KeySet with the parent key user/config. If the KeySet contained a key with the name user/config/with/long/path/key1, the cut operation would be able to strip the following key name parts:

  • with
  • with/long
  • with/long/path
  • with/long/path/key1


The cut operation takes as its only configuration parameter the key name part to strip. This configuration can be supplied in two different ways. First, the global configuration key cut can be used. Second, keys to be stripped can be tagged with the MetaKey rename/cut. If both options are given, the MetaKey takes precedence. For example, consider the following setup:

                            `config/cut` = will/be
                            parent key = user/config
                            user/config/will/be/stripped/key1                       <- meta rename/cut = will/be/stripped
                            user/config/will/be/stripped/key2                       <- meta rename/cut = will/be/stripped

The result of the cut operation would be the following KeySet:


The cut operation is agnostic to a single trailing slash in the configuration. This means that it makes no difference whether cut = will/be/stripped or cut = will/be/stripped/. However, the cut operation refuses cut paths with leading slash. This is to clarify that key name parts can only be stripped after the parent key path.

If an invalid configuration is given or the cut operation would cause a parent key duplicate, the affected keys are simply skipped and not renamed.


Additional rename operations are planned for future versions of the rename plugin:

  • trim: remove spaces in the name (that are not part of parentKey!)
  • case: upper/lowercase the name (that are not part of parentKey!)