mdraw_text_with_control(3) Draw an M-text on a window with fine control.


int mdraw_text_with_control (MFrame * frame, MDrawWindow win, int x, int y, MText * mt, int from, int to, MDrawControl * control)


Draw an M-text on a window with fine control. The mdraw_text_with_control() function draws the text between from and to of M-text mt on windows win of frame frame at coordinate (x, y).

The way to draw a text is the same as in mdraw_text() except that this function also follows what specified in the drawing control object control.

For instance, if <two_dimensional> of control is nonzero, this function draw an M-text 2-dimensionally, i.e., newlines in M-text breaks lines and the following characters are drawn in the next line. See the documentation of the structure @ MDrawControl for more detail.


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