mech-dump(1) Dumps information about a web page


mech-dump [options] [file|url]


--headers Dump HTTP response headers
--forms Dump table of forms (default action)
--links Dump table of links
--images Dump table of images
--all Dump all four of the above, in that order
--text Dumps the textual part of the web page
--user=user Set the username
--password=pass Set the password
--cookie-file=filename Set the filename to use for persistent cookies
--agent=agent Specify the UserAgent to pass
Specify the alias for the UserAgent to pass.
Pick one of:
* Windows IE 6
* Windows Mozilla
* Mac Safari
* Mac Mozilla
* Linux Mozilla
* Linux Konqueror
--absolute Show URLs as absolute, even if relative in the page
--help Show this message

The order of the options specified is relevant. Repeated options get repeated dumps.

Proxy settings are specified through the environment (e.g. "http_proxy="). See LWP::UserAgent for details.