meterec-init-conf(1) session-file creation for meterec.


meterec-init-conf <session-name>


meterec-init-conf is a batch script that will create an initial configuration file for meterec session. The script should be called while jackd is running. The session-file created will contain enough ports to match system:capture ports. Each meterec port will be connected to coresponding system:capture and system:playback.All ports will be in REC mode, THRU will be enabled and MUTE disabled (unmuted). all time indexes will be cleared and sampling rate informations will not be filled.


Name of the session. If a file called <session-name>.mrec already exists, it will be overwriten.


Contains current state of session: list of ports with connections, record mode, mute state, name, takes map. List of time indexes. Sampling rate.


Please report and monitor bugs using


Fabrice Lebas <[email protected]>