mface_put_prop(3) Set a value of a face property.


int mface_put_prop (MFace * face, MSymbol key, void * val)


Set a value of a face property. The mface_put_prop() function assigns val to the property whose key is key in face face. key must be one the followings:

Mforeground, Mbackground, Mvideomode, Mhline, Mbox, Mfoundry, Mfamily, Mweight, Mstyle, Mstretch, Madstyle, Msize, Mfontset, Mratio, Mhook_func, Mhook_arg

Among them, font related properties (Mfoundry through Msize) are used as the default values when a font in the fontset of face does not specify those values.

The actual type of the returned value depends of key. See documentation of the above keys.


If the operation was successful, mface_put_prop() returns 0. Otherwise it returns -1 and assigns an error code to the external variable merror_code.




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