mgl2svg(1) Execute MathGL scripts to generate Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) output


mgl2svg < scriptfile > [outputname] [parameters]


mgl2svg converts mathgl scripts into scalable vector graphics (SVG) files, to produce plots of specified functions or data. When called with only the script file name, the program will create an output SVG file in the same directory as the input script, with a .svg extension. Any file entitled "scriptfile.svg" (where scriptfile is the name of the script being executed will be overwritten.


Set the locale

Sets the nth parameter, such that -0 is the zeroth parameter. This is supported up to -9. Parameters are passed to the mgl script, and can be used to influence execution.


mgl2svg was written by Alexey Balakin

Bugs may be submitted online to the MathGL forums at the above web address.

This build of mgl2svg is released under the GNU General Public Licence version 2 or later Please see the file COPYING for license details.