mincconvert(1) convert between MINC 1 to MINC 2 format.


mincconvert [-clobber] [-2] infile outfile

mincconvert -help


mincconvert copies the input file to the output file, possibly converting the file from MINC 1 to MINC 2 format, or vice versa.

With the -template flag, mincconvert creates a "template" volume from the input MINC volume. The template volume preserves all of the structure (dimensions, variables, and attributes) of the input MINC volume but omits all data. Any attempt to read data will return zeroes.

The resulting file is typically much shorter than a normal MINC volume, and may be useful for scripts which want to carry such structural information forward into their output files. As a hint to future programmers and users, this program places a special global attribute in the file, with the name class and the value template.


Create a MINC 2 format file
Overwrite a pre-existing output file. -help Print a summary of command line options and exit
Create a template file.
-compress N
Compress file with compression level N. Valid compression levels are 0 for no compression to 9 for maximum compression. The option has no effect if the output file is a MINC 1 file.
-chunk M
Store file in a block-structured arrangement, using hypercubes of edge length M. The option has no effect if the output file is a MINC 1 file.
Print summary of command-line options and exit.
Print the program's version number and exit.


Bert Vincent - [email protected]


Copyright © 2003 by Robert Vincent and the Montreal Neurological Institute.