mixmaster-filter(1) Wrapper around mixmaster that removes unwanted header lines




mixmaster-filter is a wrapper around mixmaster. It will filter out header lines which may endager your anonymity.

All but a few options are passed on to mixmaster as is. If you specify -m, -g, -l or -n (see mixmaster(1)) then STDIN is filtered, otherwise mixmaster is executed as is.

It is intented to be used from Mail User Agents like the mutt(1) email reader.


Set the path to the mixmaster binary.
Set a config file for mixmaster-filter.
Print a brief help message and exit successfully.
Print a version information and exit successfully.

All other options are passed through to mixmaster.


--configfile parameter

The first file that is found is used.


The configuration file for mixmaster-filter is simple. Lines with whitespace only are ignored as are lines that have the hash our pound ("#") sign as their first non whitespace character.

Lines are always truncated at the first hash our pound ("#") sign.

The first logical line gives the filtering policy. It's either "FILTER" or "ALLOW".

All other lines are taken as a list of Headers.

If your policy is "FILTER" headers in your list will get removed from messages.

If your policy is "ALLOW" only headers in your list will be passed to mixmaster.


Config file to use
Your homedirectory. Used for finding your user configuration file. Also the default destination directory is $HOME/.Mix/


It is far from perfect but should handle most standard cases satisfactorily.

Please report them to the Debian Bug Tracking System as described at "http://bugs.debian.org/" or use a tool like reportbug(1).


Peter Palfrader, <[email protected]>