mixmaster-update(1) Fetch new reliability stats and keyrings for mixmaster


mixmaster-update [--verbose] [--source=SOURCE] [--configfile=FILE] [--destination=DIRECTORY]
mixmaster-update --list-sources
mixmaster-update --help
mixmaster-update --version


mixmaster-update is a simple yet configurable script that downloads latest remailer reliability statistics and keyrings for your mixmaster.

As having uptodate reliability statistics is imperative if you want to make use of remailers it is recommended that you always update this data should it be older that twelve or twentyfour hours and you intent to use mixmaster.

mixmaster-update has several built in stats sources. You can view the list of stats sources with the --list-sources parameter.

If you want to make use of another stats source which is not listed in the output of --list-sources you can do so by setting the location of mlist and others in your configuration file.


Print verbose output to standard output. May be given more than once to increase verbosity.
Use this built in stats source.
Also parse the configuration file FILE.
Write output to DIRECTORY rather than the directory given in the config file or ~/.Mix/.
List available stats sources.
Print a brief help message and exit successfully.
Print a version information and exit successfully.


--configfile parameter

These files are parsed in this order. Later definitions overwrite older ones. This config file defines proxy settings, where to write the results to and which stats source to use

--allpingers parameter

These files are parsed in this order. Later definitions overwrite older ones. The allpingers.txt is a list of all pingers.


The update.conf configuration file for mixmaster-update is simple. Lines with whitespace only are ignored as are lines that have the hash our pound ("#") sign as their first non whitespace character.

Lines are always truncated at the first hash our pound ("#") sign.

Lines are pairs of keys and values separated by a convenient amount of whitespace. The key is case insensitive.

Allowed keys:

Use the builtin stats source with this name
Write the downloaded data to this directory rather than ~/.Mix
Set proxies for different protocols. The value is split into two parts: protocol and proxy URL. They are separated by whitespace.

    PROXY  http  http://proxy.example.com:8080/
    PROXY  ftp   http://proxy.example.com:8080/

The format for allpingers.txt is simple too:

    base        = http://stats.example.net/
    rlist       = http://stats.example.net/rlist.txt
    mlist       = http://stats.example.net/mlist.txt
    rlist2      = http://stats.example.net/rlist2.txt
    mlist2      = http://stats.example.net/mlist2.txt
    rlist_html  = http://stats.example.net/rlist.html
    mlist_html  = http://stats.example.net/mlist.html
    rlist2_html = http://stats.example.net/rlist2.html
    mlist2_html = http://stats.example.net/mlist2.html
    rchain_html = http://stats.example.net/mlist2.html
    pgpring     = http://stats.example.net/pgp-all.asc
    pgpring_rsa = http://stats.example.net/pgp-rsa.asc
    mixring     = http://stats.example.net/pubring.mix
    type2list   = http://stats.example.net/type2.list

The file may contain several such definitions.


See the FILES section abobe.
Your homedirectory. Used for finding your user configuration file. Also the default destination directory is $HOME/.Mix/


Please report them to the Debian Bug Tracking System as described at "http://bugs.debian.org/" or use a tool like reportbug(1).


Peter Palfrader <[email protected]>