mkinitrd(8) is a compat wrapper, which calls dracut to generate an initramfs


mkinitrd [OPTION...] [<initrd-image>] <kernel-version>


mkinitrd creates an initramfs image <initrd-image> for the kernel with version <kernel-version> by calling "dracut".


If a more fine grained control over the resulting image is needed, "dracut" should be called directly.



print info about the version

-v, --verbose

increase verbosity level

-f, --force

overwrite existing initramfs file.


append the kernel version to the target image <initrd-image>-<kernel-version>.


add the kernel module <module> to the initramfs.


preload the kernel module <module> in the initramfs before any other kernel modules are loaded. This can be used to ensure a certain device naming, which should in theory be avoided and the use of symbolic links in /dev is encouraged.


do not compress the resulting image.


print a help message and exit.


The mkinitrd command is part of the dracut package and is available from m[blue][]


Harald Hoyer