mkoctfile(1) Compile dynamic-load modules for GNU Octave


mkoctfile [-IDIR] [-DDEF] [-lLIB] [-LDIR] [-M|--depend]  [-c] [-o FILE|--output FILE] [-p VAR|--print VAR] [-s|--strip]  [-v|--verbose] [-h|-?|--help] file ...


mkoctfile is used to compile source C, C++ or Fortran source code in dynamically loadable .oct file for octave(1).


mkoctfile accepts the following options:
Add include directory DIR to compile commands.
Add definition DEF to compiler call.
Add library LIB to link command.
Add library directory DIR to link command.
Generate dependency files (.d) for C and C++ source files.
Compile but do not link.
-o FILE|--output FILE
Output file name; default extension is .oct (or .mex if --mex is specified) unless linking a stand-alone executable.
-p VAR|--print VAR
Print configuration variable VAR. Recognized variables are:

    ALL_CFLAGS                FFTW_LIBS     
    ALL_CXXFLAGS              FLIBS       
    ALL_FFLAGS                FPICFLAG      
    ALL_LDFLAGS               INCFLAGS      
    BLAS_LIBS                 LDFLAGS             
    CC                        LD_CXX              
    CFLAGS                    LD_STATIC_FLAG
    CPICFLAG                  LFLAGS              
    CPPFLAGS                  LIBCRUFT      
    CXX                       LIBOCTAVE     
    CXXFLAGS                  LIBOCTINTERP  
    CXXPICFLAG                LIBREADLINE   
    DEPEND_FLAGS              OCTAVE_LIBS   
    DL_LD                     RDYNAMIC_FLAG 
    DL_LDFLAGS                RLD_FLAG      
    F2C                       SED         
    F2CFLAGS                  XTRA_CFLAGS   
    F77                       XTRA_CXXFLAGS 
Link a stand-alone executable file.
Assume we are creating a MEX file. Set the default output extension to .mex.
Strip the output file.
Echo commands as they are executed.
Compile or link file. Recognised file types are

    .c    C source
    .cc   C++ source
    .C    C++ source
    .cpp  C++ source
    .f    Fortran source
    .F    Fortran source
    .o    object file
    .a    library file


John W. Eaton <[email protected]>

This manual page was contributed by Dirk Eddelbuettel <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution but may be used by others.