ml-ulex(1) a Unicode-compatible lexical analyser generator


ml-ulex [OPTIONS] file


Ml-ulex is a lexer generator that supports Unicode characters (in UTF-8 representation) and an extended form of regular expressions.



generate DOT output ( The generated file will be named, where file is the input file.


enter interactive matching mode. This will allow interactive testing of the machine; presently, only the INITIAL start state is available for testing (see the User Guide for details on start states).


operate in ml-lex compatibility mode.


generate a table-based lexer.


generate a lexer that represents states as functions and transitions as tail calls.


generate a minimal machine. Note that this is slow, and is almost never necessary.


generate strict SML (i.e., do not use SML/NJ extensions). This flag is useful if you want to use the output with a different SML system.


ml-ulex(1) was written by Aaron Turon.


Copyright © 2014 The Fellowship of SML/NJ

This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.



The SML/NJ Language Processing Tools: User Guide.

Regular-expression derivatives reexamined by Scott Owens, John Reppy, and Aaron Turon. Journal of Functional Programming, 19(2):173-190, 2009.