mlpost(1) wrapper around OCaml and Metapost for the Mlpost library


mlpost [options] files...


mlpost is a program that compiles OCaml files to PostScript or PDF files using the Mlpost library.


Generate .mps files (default)
Generate .mp files
Generate .png files
Generate .1 files
-latex <main.tex>
Scan the LaTeX prelude
Generate encapsulated postscript files
WYSIWYG mode using xpdf remote server (the name of the remote server is "mlpost")
Be a bit more verbose. Otherwise nothing is printed except in case of error.
Use ocamlbuild to compile
Compile to native code
-ccopt <options>
Pass <options> to the Ocaml compiler
-execopt <options>
Pass <options> to the compiled program
Print Mlpost version and exit
Do not parse mlpost options, do not call Metapost.dump
output dependency lines in a format suitable for the make(1) utility
-contrib <contrib-name>
compile with the specified contrib
output one name of dumpable file by line. So it print all the figures which will be created by the .ml file.
-get-include-compile {cmxa|cma|dir|file}
output the libraries which are needed by the library Mlpost if you want not to use the mlpost tool :

        - cmxa print the needed cmxa file (opt version)
        - cma print the needed cma file (byte version)
        - dir print the directories needed to be include
        - file print the file name inside this directory without extension

-compile-name <compile-name>
Keep the compiled version of the .ml file and name it <compile-name>.
Don't execute the mlfile. So mlpost generates no figures. With this option you can check that a file compile without wasting time to generate the figures. The options -dont-execute and -compile-name can be used in conjunction to create a program which generates some figures according to some command line options.
Don't remove intermediates files. The metapost backend use some intermediates files which are removed without this option.
Use the cairo backend instead of metapost
Set the program used to decrypt PostScript Type 1 font, only with cairo (default built-in one). This option will disappear soon.
-help, --help
Display the list of options


Mlpost was written by Romain Bardou, François Bobot, Johannes Kanig, Stéphane Lescuyer and Jean-Christophe Filliâtre.

This manual page was written by Stéphane Glondu <[email protected]> and completed by the Mlpost authors for the Debian project (but may be used by others).