modelicac(1) modelicac is a compiler for a subset of the Modelica language including parts of the 'equation' subset that can express relations between Real variable.


modelicac [-c] [-o <outputfile>] <inputfile> [ -L directory | -hpath directory | -keep-all-variables | -jac | -no-parameter-removal | -no-simplifs | -trace filename | -xml ] This manual page documents briefly the modelicac commands. Note that modelicac is only available on the platform which are supported by ocamlopt (ie amd64 hurd-i386 i386 powerpc sparc)


A complete list of options is included below.
Compile only, do not instantiate. Modelicac produces a "*.moc" file when invoked with that option.
-o outputfile
Set output file name to <outputfile> (this option also works with -c option but is somewhat useless because of the class name restrictions given above).
-L directory
Add <directory> to the list of directories to be searched when producing a C file (no effect when used with -c).
-hpath directory
Specify a path to be added to #include directives in the generated C code.

 Do not remove any variable from the initial system.
Generate analytic jacobian matrix code.
Do not remove any parameter
Same as -keep-all-variables -no-parameter-removal
-trace filename
Generate tracing information for external function calls into <filename>
Generate an XML version of the model instead of target code


Modelicac was written by TNI-Valiosys and Imagineby.

This manual page was written by Sylvestre Ledru <[email protected]>.