molrender(1) render a molecule input file in a variety of ways


molrender [ -model { ball | stick | conolly } ] [ -render render ] [ -pdb | -keyval ] [ -keyword keyword ] [ -level integer ]


molrender reads a molecule from an input file and can render it in a variety of ways. The output is an OOGL file that can be read and displayed with the geomview(1) program. If you prefer a GUI over the command line, you can use the tkmolrender(1) script.


molrender takes the following command line options:

-model { ball | stick | conolly }
Set the output model.
-render render
Output render. The only accepted value currently is oogl.
Input is a PDB file.
Input is a KeyVal input.
-keyword keyword
Keyword to read in a KeyVal input.
-level integer
Integer that represent the sphere subdivision level.