MooX::ConfigFromFile::Role(3) Moo eXtension for initializing objects from config file


This role adds a initializing sub around BUILDARGS and puts all what could read from config files into the hash which will be used to construct the final object.

While it does that, it internally calls it's own _build_* methods (_build_config_prefix, _build_config_files and _build_loaded_config) unless the appropriate attributes are already in $params.


This role uses following attributes which might be suitable customized by overloading the appropriate builder or pass defaults in construction arguments.

Be sure to read ``ATTRIBUTES'' in MooX::File::ConfigDir, especially ``config_identifier'' in MooX::File::ConfigDir to understand how the ``config_dirs'' are build.

When you miss a directory - see ``plug_dir_source'' in File::ConfigDir and File::ConfigDir::Plack.


This attribute is a string and defaults to FindBin's $Script. It's interpreted as the basename of the config file name to use.


This attribute is an array of strings and defaults to "<[ config_prefix ]">.


This attribute is a string and contains the character which is used building config_prefix_map from config_prefixes.


This attribute is an array of strings containing all config-prefixes joint together "($0, $0.$1, $0.$1.$2, ...)" using config_prefix_map_separator.


This attribute contains a cross-product of config_prefix_map and config_extensions. Both are concatenated using the shell wildcard '*'.


This attribute is consumed from MooX::File::ConfigDir. It might not be smart to override - but possible. Use with caution.


This attribute defaults to list of extensions from Config::Any.


This attribute contains the list of existing files in config_dirs matching config_prefix . config_extensions. Search is operated by File::Find::Rule.


This attribute contains the config as loaded from file system in an array of "filename => \%content". The result from Config::Any is sorted by filename ('-' < '.').


This attribute contains the config loaded and transformed while constructing the instance. Construction is done from raw_loaded_config, ignoring the filename part.

For classes set up using

  use MooX::ConfigFromFile config_singleton = 1;

this attribute is cached from the very first construction and fed by overwritten builder. The content of this attribute is passed to lower BUILDARGS.


Jens Rehsack, "<rehsack at>"


Toby Inkster suggested to rely on BUILDARGS instead of intercepting object creation with nasty hacks. He also taught me a bit more how Moo(se) works.


Copyright 2013-2015 Jens Rehsack.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See <> for more information.