SoTimerSensor(3) The SoTimerSensor class is a sensor which will trigger at given intervals.


#include <Inventor/sensors/SoTimerSensor.h>

Inherits SoTimerQueueSensor.

Public Member Functions

SoTimerSensor (void)

SoTimerSensor (SoSensorCB *func, void *data)

virtual ~SoTimerSensor (void)

void setBaseTime (const SbTime &base)

const SbTime & getBaseTime (void) const

void setInterval (const SbTime &interval)

const SbTime & getInterval (void) const

virtual void schedule (void)

virtual void unschedule (void)

void reschedule (const SbTime &schedtime)

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The SoTimerSensor class is a sensor which will trigger at given intervals.

Use sensors of this class when you want a job repeated at a certain interval, without explicitly needing to reschedule the sensor (i.e. SoTimerSensor automatically re-schedules itself after it has been triggered).

SoTimerSensor instances is commonly used to trigger animation updates at a constant framerate.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoTimerSensor::SoTimerSensor (void)

Default constructor. Sets up an interval of 1/30th of a second.

SoTimerSensor::SoTimerSensor (SoSensorCB *func, void *data)

Constructor taking as parameters the sensor callback function and the userdata which will be passed the callback.

See also:

setFunction(), setData()

SoTimerSensor::~SoTimerSensor (void) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void SoTimerSensor::setBaseTime (const SbTime &baseref)

Set the base trigger time.

If you use this method, the trigger times will be on intervals from the given value.

Without an explicitly set base time, the next trigger invocation after a trigger has happened will be on the current time plus the interval time. Note that this will of course cause the timer to drift.

See also:


const SbTime & SoTimerSensor::getBaseTime (void) const

Returns the base trigger time.

See also:


void SoTimerSensor::setInterval (const SbTime &intervalref)

Sets the time interval between each time the sensor triggers.

See also:


const SbTime & SoTimerSensor::getInterval (void) const

Returns the timer trigger interval.

See also:


void SoTimerSensor::schedule (void) [virtual]

Overrides the virtual schedule() method to be able to set up the base time, if this was not done by the user.

If no base time was set, base time will then equal the current time.

See also:

unschedule(), isScheduled()

Reimplemented from SoTimerQueueSensor.

void SoTimerSensor::unschedule (void) [virtual]

Overrides the virtual unschedule() method to handle unschedule() calls during triggering.

Reimplemented from SoTimerQueueSensor.

void SoTimerSensor::reschedule (const SbTime &schedtime)

Set new trigger time based on the given schedule time, and schedules the sensor for triggering.


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