Mouse::XS(3) A Mouse guts in XS


This document describes Mouse version 2.0.0


Mouse has an optional XS implementation, which is automatically built and used if available. According to benchmarks, this is about 2 times faster than Mouse::PurePerl.


The XS implementation are selected by default, but you can force it by passing the "--xs" option to Makefile.PL.

    perl Makefile.PL --xs

If you do not want to build the XS implementation, you can pass the "--pp" option to Makefile.PL.

    perl Makefile.PL --pp

Or if you use "cpanm" (>= 1.7), you can give "--pp" option to "cpanm".

    cpanm --pp Mouse

The MOUSE_PUREPERL (or PERL_ONLY) environment variable

It can be used to enable the use of Mouse::PurePerl in order to test and debug programs that use Mouse.


There are some Mouse::XS specific features.
Mutationg references to the return values of getters
When you take a reference from Mouse getters, like "$ref = \$obj->foo", the $ref refers "\$obj->{foo}". That is, mutating $$ref also alters "$obj->{foo}". The behavior may confuse you so you'd better avoid to take a reference directly from getters.

See <> for details.


The XS implementation requires Perl 5.8.1 or later, and a C compiler.