movie-compare-dvd(1) Test whether a burn was successful


directory1_to_check directory2_to_check


This program takes two directory names and compares all the files in the two directories with each other. I personally use this program to compare the files on a freshly burnt DVD with the originals, but the program can compare any two directories for differences.

The program takes into account that files might be named slightly differently in the different directories. Currently, it takes into account that lowercase and uppercase letters should be treated as being the same, and the underscore and minus signs are treated equally.


The program will report "The files are the same" if the directories are equal.

The program will report "The files are NOT the same" if the directories are not the same and will report the differences in diff-style output. In this case, the program will exit with a non-zero exit code.


The command line that I use most often is:
movie-compare-dvd dvd_buffer_directory /dvdmount


The author is Sven Berkvens-Matthijsse ([email protected]). Please send any project related e-mail to [email protected].


None known. Please report any bugs to [email protected]!