mpaste(1) command-line client for


mpaste [<OPTIONS>] [<INFILE>]


The mpaste program reads text from file or STDIN and sends it to

a pastebin site run by the MATE Desktop project. After pasting some text, mpaste returns the URL of the pasted text to the user.

If <INFILE> is omitted, mpaste waits for incoming text on STDIN.


The following options are supported:
-t, --title <TITLE>
Title of the paste.
-p, --private
Should this paste be private?
-pwd, --password <PASSWORD>
Protect paste with a given password.
-lang, --language <LANG>
Language that the paste is in.
-ll, --language-list
List all supported languages.
-e, --expire <MINUTES>
Paste expires in a given number of minutes.


If you find bugs in the mpaste program, please report these on


This manual page has been written for the Debian project by Mike Gabriel <[email protected]> and maybe used by others.