mpdcron(1) cron like daemon for mpd


mpdcron [option]


mpdcron is a cron like daemon for mpd. It connects to mpd, waits for idle events. It has two interfaces:

  • Hooks which are executed after setting environment variables which hooks can use to get more information about the event without having to connect to mpd.
  • Modules, which are dynamically loaded and have direct access to mpd connection and the file descriptor of mpdcron's configuration file.

By default it will get the host name and port for mpd from MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT environment variables. MPD_PASSWORD environment variable can be set to make mpdcron connect to a password-protected mpd. If these environment variables aren't set, mpdcron connects to localhost on port 6600.


-?, --help
Show help options and exit.
-V, --version
Print version information and exit.
-k, --kill
Instead of launching the daemon, attempt to kill the already running daemon.
-n, --no-daemon
Don't detach from console. This option can be used for debugging.


  • ~/.mpdcron/mpdcron.conf User configuration file


If you find a bug, please report it at <>


Copyright (c) 2009 Ali Polatel <[email protected]>

Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Ali Polatel <[email protected]>