msiinfo(1) display and extract information from Windows Installer


msiinfo <subcommand> [<options>]

msiinfo -h|--help

msiinfo -v|--version


msiinfo provides various ways of inspecting and extracting the contents of Windows Installer packages.


-h, --help
Prints a help message and exits.
-v, --version
Prints the program version and exits.


help [<subcommand>]
Prints help information for either msiinfo globally or the specified subcommand if any.
streams <package>
Lists the streams in the given package.
tables <package>
Lists the tables in the given package.
extract <package> <stream>
Extracts the given stream from a package, and outputs it to the standard output.
export [-s] <package> <table>
Exports the given table from a package, and outputs it to standard output, either in tabular form or, if -s is specified, as SQL statements.
suminfo <package>
Displays summary information about the given package.


msiinfo was written by Paolo Bonzini for Red Hat, Inc. This manual page was adapted from the program usage information by Stephen Kitt <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). It was last modified for msitools version 0.93.