mu_verify(1) verify message signatures and display information about them


mu verify [options] <msgfile>


mu verify is the mu command for verifying message signatures (such as PGP/GPG signatures) and displaying information about them. The sub-command works on message files, and does not require the message to be indexed in the database.

mu verify depends on gpg, and uses the one it finds in your PATH. If you want to use another one, you need to set MU_GPG_PATH to the full path to the desired gpg.


-r, --auto-retrieve
attempt to find keys online (see the auto-key-retrieve option in the gnupg(1) documentation).


To display aggregated (one-line) information about the signatures in a message:

   $ mu verify msgfile

To display information about all the signatures:

   $ mu verify --verbose msgfile

If you only want to use the exit code, you can use:

   $ mu verify --quiet msgfile
which does not give any output.


mu verify returns 0 when all signatures could be verified to be good, and returns some non-zero error code when this is not the case.

| code | meaning                        |
|    0 | ok                             |
|    1 | some non-verified signature(s) |


Please report bugs if you find them:


Dirk-Jan C. Binnema <[email protected]>