mudita24(1) ALSA GUI control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) soundcards


usage: mudita24 [-c card#] [-D control-name] [-o num-outputs] [-i num-inputs] [-p num-pcm-outputs] [-s num-spdif-in/outs] [-v] [-f profiles-file] [profile name|profile id] [-m channel-num] [-w initial-window-width] [-t height-num] [-n]
-c, --card
Alsa card number to control
-D, --device
-o, --outputs
Limit number of analog line outputs to display
-i, --input
Limit number of analog line inputs to display
-p, --pcm_output
Limit number of PCM outputs to display
-s, --spdif
Limit number of spdif inputs/outputs to display
-v, --view_spdif_playback
shows the spdif playback channels in the mixer
-f, --profiles_file
use file as profiles file
-m, --midichannel
midi channel number for controller control
-M, --midienhanced
Use an enhanced mapping from midi controller to db slider
-w, --window_width
Set initial window width (try 2,6 or 8; 280,626, or 968)
-t, --tall_eq_mixer_heights
Set taller height mixer displays (1-9)
-n, --no_scale_mark
Disable scale marks, which may be incorrect on certain cards (?),
or whose Gtk-detent at the mark position may be annoying
The program 'alsactl' is automatically found and used. Environment variable ALSACTL_PROG overrides its location.